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How do I apply for scholarships through the University Office of Scholarships and Financial Aid?

The general university scholarships available through the University Office of Scholarships and Financial Aid (UOSFA)  do not require a separate scholarship application.  Freshmen and Transfer students are automatically considered for scholarships if they complete their admission process by the required admission deadline associated with that scholarship (Dec 1 for Freshmen, March 1 for Transfer).  In addition, students desiring to be considered for need-based scholarships must complete the FAFSA by March 1.  Scholarships available through other departments on campus may require a separate application. 

I am a current University of Utah student. How can I get scholarships?

Most of the scholarships offered through the UOSFA are for freshmen and transfer students. However, there are need-based scholarships available. Students must complete the FAFSA by March 1. We encourage students to reach out to the department of their major, campus organizations, or private scholarship resources for scholarship opportunities. Most campus scholarship applications are available early Spring Semester. 

What are the "cutoffs" for merit scholarships?

There are no specific cutoffs for scholarships through the UOSFA The GPA/ACT requirements to receive a merit based scholarship varies from year to year - depending on the funding that is available, the size and quality of the applicant pool.

How do I accept my scholarship award?

Scholarships must be accepted through Campus Information Services (CIS). After logging in with your user ID and password, go to the student financial section and to the financial aid/scholarship acceptance link to accept your award(s). Be sure to accept your scholarship by the date stated in your award letter.

Some scholarships will have a paper acceptance form and must be returned to the UOSFA. It will be noted in your award letter.  

How do I access my scholarship funds?

All scholarship funds will be disbursed through your tuition account at the beginning of each term or when funds are received. Funds are first used to cover charges, then any remaining funds will be refunded to the student.

Are there scholarships available for international students?

The UOSFA has no funds available for international students.

Can I receive more than one scholarship?

You may receive only one University of Utah tuition waiver scholarship. If a student is awarded more than one such scholarship, he/she must select only one. Students may receive multiple scholarships, provided that no more than one is a tuition waiver.

Can I appeal my scholarship decision?

Yes, we will accept appeals for scholarship cancellations and review each on a case-by-case basis. Please submit a letter explaining your circumstances and any supporting documentation to the Scholarship Appeals Committee via fax, mail, email, or in person.

How do I defer a scholarship? 

In special circumstances, the University will, if necessary, defer some scholarships for a period of up to two years. These special circumstances include humanitarian service and/or participation in University of Utah sponsored programs only. Students must submit their request to Financial Aid and Scholarships at least 60 days before the start of the semester, during which the deferral begins. Please refer to our deferment and leave of absence page for more information. 

When will I know if I received a scholarship from the University Office of Scholarships and Financial Aid?

The following at the release dates for scholarship offers:

  • Freshman Merit: Early February
  • Freshman Diversity: Late March/Early April
  • Need-based (all): April
  • Transfer Merit: April

Can graduate students receive scholarships?

The UOSFA reserves its scholarship funding for undergraduate students who have not yet earned a baccalaureate degree. Graduate students may contact the Graduate School or their department for scholarship opportunities.

My scholarship award letter states I need to write a thank you note. How do I do this?

Check out our helpful guide for writing thank you notes. It includes instructions and where to send the letter.

Private/Outside Donor:

Where should my scholarship donor mail my check?

University Office of Scholarships and Financial Aid, 201 South 1460 East, Room 105, Salt Lake City, UT 84112, Attn: Sheryl Hansen

What information should my scholarship donor include with my check?

The donor should include the student's ID, any restrictions on the use of funds, and minimum enrollment the student must meet in order to be eligible for the funds.

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