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Utah Flagship Scholarship Early Admission

How to Apply

  Complete Admissions Process before Apr. 1

  Admitted as a matriculated student

  No additional application necessary

  In-State Requirement

  Based on cumulative GPA

  Course rigor considered

A scholarship for students admitted to the University under early admission standards. Only students with high academic credentials will qualify.

Sponsor: University Office of Scholarships and Financial Aid
Eligibility: Entering Freshmen
Requirements: Merit
In-state Requirement
Application Information: Students should complete the admissions process as soon as possible during their junior year of high school, and no later than April 1. Applications will be processed when the following criteria are met:

- You have completed the admission application process no later than April 1

- You have been admitted as a matriculated student.


Contact Information: Financial Aid and Scholarships Office, 801-581-6211
Award: Annual Award: A sum of $5,000 is awarded toward the cost of tuition annually for a maximum of 8 semesters or until the student receives a baccalaureate degree, whichever comes first.
Terms: Renewable - Recipients must maintain a minimum cumulative GPA of 3.6 and complete 24 hours of course work (20 of which must be graded) every two semesters. Grades are reviewed after the second, fourth, and sixth semester.
Deadline: April 1
Other Requirements: Students on tuition waiver scholarships are required to take a minimum of 12 hours per semester.
Last Updated: 5/12/21