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Online JRN Request

The Job Referral Notice (JRN) is the only official confirmation of a student’s eligibility to work in the work-study program.

The JRN is authorized and valid only for the specific criteria as stated on the JRN.

To obtain a JRN you must submit the Online JRN Request and provide all of the information requested. Please allow 3-5 business days for a response. Omitted information will delay the JRN authorization process.

Your request will be submitted to the FWS Coordinator to verify the student’s work-study eligibility, award amount, and authorized period. A response will be sent by e-mail to the student, supervisor, and payroll reporter.

The student must begin work within the first 30 days of the authorized period. If the JRN was authorized more than 30 days prior to the first day of work, another Online JRN Request must be submitted.

Please carefully read and follow the instructions for filling out the ePAF.  Failure to follow these instructions will result in expiration of the JRN and possible cancellation of the student's work-study award.

Request a JRn

Last Updated: 5/12/21