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Work Schedules

Students are not permitted to work in FWS positions during their scheduled class times. Exceptions are permitted if an individual class is cancelled.  Any such exception must be documented with the supervisor.  Students may be required to submit their course schedule to their supervisor in order to ensure that they are not working during class time.  If an employer requires a student to work during class time, the student should report this to the FWS Coordinator.

Maximum Allowed Hours

  • 20 hours/week during periods the student is enrolled
  • 40 hours/week during periods the student is not enrolled
  • 40 hours/week during official university breaks (classes or finals are not in session)

Weekly hour maximums are calculated based on the work week of Saturday through Friday. An extra 4 hours/day is allowed for each weekday falling within a period of non-enrollment or a university break.

Students who consistently work more than the maximum allowed hours may be penalized with the loss of the FWS placement. The FWS Coordinator will make the judgment on whether or not the student may continue working for the department.

If the student receives notice that hours worked were over the maximum allowed, and the student believes the notice was received in error, KRONOS timesheets may be submitted to the FWS Coordinator for review.

Maximum Earnings

When the student’s earnings are nearing the full award amount, the FWS Coordinator will make a reasonable effort to notify the student. However, it is the student’s responsibility to track their earnings to ensure the authorized award amount is not exceeded. Please contact the FWS Coordinator to verify the year-to-date FWS earnings that have been applied against your award.

FWS earnings are calculated using the gross wage that has been allowed under the program.

Duration of Position

It is recommended that students plan out the award duration with the employer. Determine the number of hours/week that may be worked based upon the award amount, the hourly rate, and the award period.

When the full amount of the FWS award has been earned, the employer has the option to hire the student as a regular hourly employee or to terminate the employment relationship.

Last Updated: 7/13/18