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Aggregate Completion Standards

Students must complete 67 percent of all attempted credit hours at the University of Utah and any transfer credit. By meeting this requirement, students will not exceed the maximum time frame allowed to receive a degree.

  • Pace standards involve comparing attempted and completed credit hours. For the purposes of this policy, completed courses are those for which a grade is assigned of A through D-, and credit grades (CR). Attempted, but not completed, grades include transfer credits, E, EU, W, I, NC, Repeated Courses, blank grades, or any other grade which indicates unsatisfactory academic performance.
  • "T" grades are viewed as attempted, not completed when determining the completion rate for under graduates, and as attempted and completed for graduate students.
  • Graduate students will be reviewed on the basis of graduate coursework only, excluding any courses taken as an undergraduate.

Calculate your Aggregate Completion Rate

  1. Count all the credit hours that appear on your University of Utah transcript. Include all graded credits, W's, E's, I's, etc. including transfer credits.
  2. Count all of the credits for which you received a passing grade. Include credits for which you received a grade of D- or higher, the number of CR grades (for classes taken credit/no credit), and accepted transfer credits. If you have a repeated course that you have previously completed with a passing grade, subtract it from the total count.
  3. Divide the number of credits counted in step 2 by the number of credits counted in step 1. This is your current aggregate completion rate.

Example: Jim has attended the University of Utah for 5 semesters. He counts all of his attempted credits and finds that he has attempted 60 credit hours. All of his grades are D- or better, except during one semester. During that semester he withdrew from all of his classes, for a total of 12 credits of W. Joe received passing grades in 48 of his 60 attempted credits. Dividing 48 by 60 yields a completion rate of 80 percent.

Last Updated: 5/12/21