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Maximum Time Frame to Receive a Degree

The maximum time frame standard is in place to ensure that students complete their degree requirements within 150 percent of the minimum graduation requirements.

  • Undergraduate Students are allowed 183 attempted credit hours to receive a first undergraduate  degree.
  • Undergraduate students pursuing a second bachelors are allowed 61 additional attempted credit hours (this includes transfer students).
  • Masters candidates are allowed to receive aid for a period of four years from their entry into a Masters program.
  • Doctoral candidates are allowed to receive aid for a period of seven years from their entry into a doctoral program.
  • Doctoral candidates, who enter a program after beginning as a Masters student in that same program, will be allowed to receive financial aid for seven years, measured from the time of entry into the Masters  program.
  • University of Utah credits, transfer credits and all test credits are used in determining your total number of completed credits.
Last Updated: 5/12/21