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Equity in Athletics

The Equity in Athletics Report contains the following information:

  • Number of male and female full-time undergraduate students that attended the school;
  • Total amount of money spent on athletically-related student aid (including the value of waivers of  educational expenses aggregately) for: 1) men’s teams and 2) women’s teams;
  • Ratio of athletically-related student aid awarded to male athletes to athletically-related student aid  awarded to female athletes;
  • Expenses incurred by the school for intercollegiate athletic activities (total revenues and the revenues from football, men's basketball, women's basketball, all other men's sports combined and all other women's sports combined);
  • Total recruiting expenses aggregately for (a) all men’s teams and (b) all women’s teams; and
  • Total annual revenues for (a) all sports combined, (b) all men’s teams, (c) all women’s teams, (d) football, (e) men’s basketball, (f) women’s basketball, (g) all men’s sports other than football and  basketball, and (h) all women’s sports other than basketball.

The Equity in Athletics Report provides information about both the men's and women's athletic programs at the University of Utah. You can view and print the report (search for University of Utah under Name of Institution) that was submitted to the Department of Education at the following link:

Office of Postsecondary Education

Last Updated: 5/12/21