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Non-Resident Academic Commendation Scholarship 

2020-2021 Terms and Conditions


Value Your scholarship will support up to 18 hours of tuition per semester for a maximum of two semesters (fall and spring) beginning Fall 2020. It will not cover fees.
Restrictions Your scholarship is not renewable.
This scholarship is applied to tuition charges and if other scholarships are received, eligibility may be impacted.
Next Steps
  • If you have not set up your Campus Information Services (CIS) account, visit as soon as possible. Log in with your University ID (found in your admissions letter) and your birthdate in MMDDYY format as your password. You can change your password once you log in. Be sure to activate your University e-mail account (UMail) in CIS. All official university communication will be sent to your UMail account.
  • Confirm your intent to enroll, pay the $300 non-refundable enrollment deposit, and accept your scholarship offer by May 1, 2020. Visit and click the Confirm Intent button. Log in with your University ID (uNID) and CIS password. Confirm your intent to enroll with the Office of Admissions, select Accept and Submit to accept your scholarship and pay the $300 enrollment deposit or request an extension. 
  • For more information about the next steps for admitted students, visit:
Housing In addition to the Academic Commendation Scholarship, we may also be able to offer you a housing scholarship in the amount of $3,200 ($1,600 per semester) for one year, provided you have applied (or will apply for) and qualify for need-based federal financial aid.  You can apply by submitting a Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) at Funding is limited; therefore priority will be given to those who complete their financial aid file with the University of Utah by February 1, 2020.
Should you qualify, our housing scholarship of $3,200 ($1,600 per semester) would be applied toward the cost of an on-campus room only.  All students living in the residence halls are also required to have a meal plan.  You will be responsible for the cost of that meal plan, RHA Dues, and the difference between the scholarship amount and the cost of your room selection.  Residents reserved in an apartment are not required to have a meal plan.  First year students are not eligible to live in apartments other than the Marriott Honors Community.  Available options can be viewed at (Rates and Dates Sheets).  Final rates are not published until the end of the state legislative session and the campus budget process.
Due to the high demand for on-campus housing, we are not able to guarantee space for the academic year (fall and spring semesters).  However, you should apply by the Housing Lottery deadline. It is your responsibility to apply for, and reserve a room according to the timeline for academic year applications.  The housing application opens on February 10, 2020 and deadlines begin March 10, 2020. For any questions, please email Housing & Residential Education at or call (801) 587-2002.
Additional Information Please be aware that to receive this offer, you must enroll as a full-time student each semester. To be considered full-time, it is required that you register for 12 or more credit hours. Failure to do so may result in the cancellation of your scholarship.
Certification Students who receive a scholarship, fellowship, or other financial aid administered by the University of Utah are required by state law to certify that they are eligible to receive the scholarship as a U.S. citizen or a citizen of another country who is lawfully present in the U.S. If students do not know whether they are in the U.S. lawfully, they should seek the advice of an immigration attorney before accepting this offer.
Residency Students may qualify for residency reclassification while receiving this scholarship. Visit for more information.
Deferment and Leave of Absence  Newly accepted freshmen who wish to defer their start date to a later semester and hold their scholarship may apply for a deferment through the Office of Admissions. For more information about how to apply for a deferment, visit: Scholarship recipients considering a deferment must confirm their intent to enroll and accept their scholarship by May 1, 2020. Students have up until the first day of classes (August 24, 2020) to apply for a deferment.
The University Office of Scholarships and Financial Aid (UOSFA) will also, in extenuating circumstances, allow a student to take a leave of absence from a scholarship once he or she is a continuing student. For questions regarding eligibility for either deferral or leave of absence, please contact the UOSFA.  
Contact Information For questions or concerns, please contact the UOSFA at (801) 581-6211 or
Last Updated: 5/12/21