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Prospective Freshman Checklist

Take the ACT or SAT test in the spring of your junior year or, at the latest, by Sept. of your senior year.  The University of Utah is test-optional for freshman entering fall 2022.

Apply for admission to the University of Utah by Dec. 1 for merit scholarship consideration. If you are planning on applying for federal aid and need based scholarships, please include your social security number on the admissions application. If your social security number is not provided, it may delay financial aid awarding. 

Apply for private scholarships. Ask your high school guidance counselor, visit our outside scholarship resources page, or look around in your local community for scholarship opportunities. Private scholarship deadlines and procedures vary, so read the instructions carefully. Be wary of scholarship and financial aid scams.

Register for a FSA ID at The FSA ID is your digital signature and login information for the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA).

Complete the FAFSA at if you are interested in need based scholarships, grants, loans, and work-study. The FAFSA is available on Oct. 1 of every year. 

Read your admissions letter carefully because it includes your student ID, which you need in order access Campus Information Services (CIS). Students will recieve their admissions letter by January 15 for Fall admission. 

Create your CIS account at using your student ID and password that was provided in your admissions letter. 

Activate your university e-mail account (UMail) at All university communications are sent to your UMail account, so be sure to check it often and submit requested information in a timely manner.

Check your financial aid status in  if you completed the FAFSA. Follow up on any requests from the University Office of Scholarships and Financial Aid in a timely manner. Make sure your financial aid file is complete by the Feb. 1 Financial Aid Priority Date for consideration for all available aid options, including need based scholarships, grants, and work study.  

For additional scholarship opportunities, look in the department of your intended major or through campus organizations. Some departments and organizations offer scholarships for incoming freshmen. Most departmental deadlines are at the beginning of Spring semester.

If you received a scholarship offer from our office, read the award letter carefully. Merit and diversity scholarship offers are sent out one week after admissions decisions and need-based awards are sent out by the end of March. Most of the merit scholarship offers through the University Office of Scholarships and Financial Aid (UOSFA) must be accepted/declined by May 1 through CIS. 

Confirm your intent to enroll with the Office of Admissions by May 1 for students enrolling in Fall semester. 

If you are planning on deferring admissions, please visit Not all scholarships can be deferred. Please refer to your award letter. The Office of Admissions will notify the University Office of Scholarships and Financial Aid of a deferment request. USO will contact the student if the request for scholarship deferment was approved/denied

If you received scholarships outside of the University of Utah, please have the donor send the check to our office. It helps to have your student ID or other identifiable information with the check. Please sent scholarship checks to: University Office of Scholarships and Financial Aid,  201 South 1460 East Rm 105 Salt Lake City, UT 84112.

Register for New Student Orientation at Orientation is mandatory for new students. Registration spots fill up quickly, so sign up ASAP! 

Pay any outstanding balance on tuition by the deadline

Last Updated: 11/1/21