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Electronic Personnel Action Form (ePAF)

It is required that the ePAF instructions are followed in order to establish the student as a FWS employee and to set-up the proper accounting to the FWS accounts. If the ePAF is incorrect the student will not receive a FWS paycheck and 100% of the student’s wages will be charged to the employing department.


  • The chartfield distribution must include the payroll organization ID that is authorized on the JRN
  • The chartfield distribution must include one of the FWS account numbers that are authorized on the JRN (this is critical)
  • The distribution dates, for lines containing a FWS account number, should fall within the authorized dates on the JRN
  • The student must be set-up as a temporary, hourly employee
  • The FTE should be .50 or less

The FWS gross wage allocation (split), to the federal/state share and to the departmental share, will occur automatically during the payroll process. Do not attempt to show this allocation on the ePAF distribution lines. The distribution percentages, for which a FWS account number is indicated, will determine how the departmental share of the gross FWS wage will be allocated.

Payroll distributions, with a FWS account number, will be re-set to hourly (53000) at the time distributions are brought forward to the new fiscal year. This re-set must be considered during the set-up of continuing employees. After a new fiscal year JRN has been issued, the account number distribution must be updated from hourly (53000) to the new authorized FWS account number.

The ePAF should be thoroughly reviewed to verify the information reflected in the Human Resource system. It is especially important to review new fiscal year set-up, at the beginning of each fiscal year.

Last Updated: 5/12/21