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Job Referral Notice (JRN)

The Job Referral Notice (JRN) is the only official confirmation of a student’s eligibility to work in the FWS program. The FWS program will not fund wages that are paid without a valid JRN. Departments that have students work without a valid JRN will be responsible for 100% of the wages earned by the student.

All FWS employers must be issued a valid JRN before the student may begin working in the FWS program.

Departments must request the JRN online. The JRN is not issued to the student. Employers should keep a copy of the JRN for their records.

Departments must notify the FWS Coordinator of any updates to the information supplied on the JRN Request.

JRN Criteria

The JRN is authorized and valid only for the specific criteria as stated on the JRN:

  • Student Name and ID
  • Award Amount
  • Authorized Award Period
  • Supervising Department
  • Payroll Distribution Organization ID and Account Number

JRN Activation

The JRN must be activated within the first 30 days of the authorized award period. The JRN is activated when the student’s wages properly charge the FWS accounts for work performed during the first 30 days of the authorized award period.

The JRN becomes inactive if the student stops earning FWS wages for a period of four consecutive pay periods after work has begun.

If the JRN is not activated, or becomes inactive, it is no longer valid and a new JRN must be requested. There are various factors that impact whether or not a new JRN will be issued.

JRN Expiration

At the end of the authorized award period the JRN is no longer valid. A JRN is not automatically renewed and must be requested for each new award year.

The authorized award period may be extended if the student’s enrollment plans have changed for the current award year. The student will be sent instructions on extending the authorized award period for Summer term. The student must contact the FWS Coordinator to determine if an extension may be approved for terms other than Summer. A revised JRN with the extended authorized award period will be issued by the FWS Coordinator. A new JRN request is not required for extensions.

The JRN may also become invalid or expire under a variety of conditions that may occur before the end of the authorized award period. Should this occur, the FWS Coordinator will make every effort to send an e-mail notice to the student, supervisor, and payroll reporter. The most common reasons for JRN expiration are:

  • The ePAF instructions are not followed
  • The student does not receive a FWS paycheck for work performed within the first 30 days of the authorized award period
  • A FWS paycheck is not recorded for a period of 4 consecutive pay periods
  • The student fails to maintain Satisfactory Academic Progress
  • The student’s enrollment drops to below half-time
  • The student graduates or ceases to be enrolled
  • The student is required to submit additional information to document continued eligibility for the FWS program
Last Updated: 7/13/18