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Step-By-Step Overview

 Understand the FWS Program: Employing departments must understand and agree to follow work-study policies before committing to participation in the FWS program. Read the Employer Work-Study Handbook.

 Advertise and Post a Position: Employers may advertise a work-study position using their own resources but all work-study positions must be posted and filled through The University of Utah Division of Human Resources.

 Interviewing and Hiring: Students must apply through The University of Utah Division of Human Resources. The FWS Coordinator will not handle any aspect of the hiring process.

 Obtain a EAF: The Employee Authorization Form (EAF) is the only official confirmation of a student’s eligibility to work in the FWS program. The FWS program will not fund wages that are paid without a valid EAF.

 Complete the ePAF: Instructions for completing the ePAF are found in the Employer Work-Study Handbook . If these instructions are not followed, 100% of the student’s wages will be charged to the employing department. The ePAF must contain the information as authorized on the JRN.

 Monitor and Review Wages: The Payroll Earnings, Benefits, & Taxes Report should be reviewed each pay period to verify that wages have been correctly charged to the work-study accounts. Any errors, or requested adjustments, must be brought to the FWS Coordinator’s attention within the pay period following the error.

 Continue to Follow FWS Policies: Any failure to do so may result in the loss of work-study funding for the student and/or department.

 Contact the FWS Coordinator With Any Questions

Last Updated: 6/6/22