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Step-By-Step Overview

 Obtain a Work-Study Award: Work-study is need-based financial aid. You must first apply for a work-study award by applying for financial aid. You must also meet and maintain eligibility requirements.

 Understand Your Award: Once you have received an award make sure you understand how a work-study award is administered. Read the Student Work-Study Handbook.

 Find a Work-Study Job: It is the student’s responsibility to obtain his/her own employment. Jobs are offered through the University of Utah Division of Human Resources.

 Obtain a JRN and Begin Working: Your potential employer must request a Job Referral Notice (JRN) from the FWS Coordinator. You will receive notification by email when the JRN has been issued. You must be issued a JRN by September 30 for Fall semester, or February 15 for Spring semester. You must begin working within the first 30 days of the JRN authorization period.

 Verify your Work-Study Status: It is the student’s responsibility to verify his/her status as a work-study employee. After you receive your first paycheck, contact the FWS Coordinator to verify your status. Your award will be cancelled if the wages you receive are not properly documented as work-study wages.

 Follow the Work-Study Employment Policies and Regulations: Your award may be cancelled for failure to follow the FWS employment policies. It is the student’s responsibility to retain his/her own award by understanding and following ALL policies. Common problem areas that may cause cancellation of the award are: not having a valid JRN, not beginning to work, not verifying your work-study status, not receiving a regular paycheck, and not maintaining SAT standards.

 Monitor Your Financial Aid File and UMail Regularly: All notifications regarding your FWS employment will be sent to your UMail account. Your work- study status is subject to change at any time. It is important that you check your financial aid file regularly. An email should be sent to you each time there is a change to your file. Also, pay particular attention to email notifications that are specific to your work-study status. Be proactive. Contact the FWS Coordinator regarding any questions or concerns you may have.

Last Updated: 7/13/18