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Hiring Process

Advertising and Posting a Position

All work-study positions must be posted through The University of Utah Division of Human Resources. Job postings should clearly indicate that the position is for eligible students with work-study funding.

For more information on posting a position see: Post a Work-Study Job.

In addition to posting a position through UofU Human Resources, employers may advertise the job opening using their own resources. Positions advertised as work-study jobs must meet the criteria for eligible positions.

Eligible/Ineligible Positions

Eligible (must meet all criteria):

  • .50 FTE or less
  • Temporary
  • Hourly
  • Payroll processed through The University of Utah Division of Human Resources


  • A position that creates benefits eligibility at the University of Utah, including the Graduate Tuition Benefit Program. Health insurance benefits required under the Affordable Care Act will not make the position ineligible.
  • A position that involves constructing, operating, or maintaining any part of a building used for religious worship or sectarian instruction
  • A position that displaces regular employees or impairs existing service contracts

Applications and Interviewing

Applications must be made through The University of Utah Division of Human Resources. Applications will be forwarded directly to the hiring department. The interviewing and hiring process are between the student and the hiring department. The FWS Coordinator will not handle any aspect of the hiring process.

Employers may not require the student to provide proof of a work-study award.

Contact the FWS Coordinator to determine if a student has a work-study award.


Work-study students are temporary, at will employees and employment may be terminated at any time.

Please follow standard practices in regard to the termination of FWS employees. If you have questions about termination, please contact The University of Utah Division of Human Resources.

Last Updated: 5/12/21