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Post Work Study Job

IMPORTANT: Departments participating in the work-study program agree to know and follow the work-study policy found in the Employer Work-Study Handbook.

Work-study positions must be posted through The University of Utah Division of Human Resources.

Jobs that do not meet the criteria for an eligible work-study position will not be classified or posted as a work-study job.

Re-instatement of closed job postings or changes to existing job postings may be made by contacting the department’s Human Resources Representative.

Applications are made through The University of Utah Division of Human Resources and forwarded directly to the hiring department. The interviewing and hiring process are between the student and the hiring department. The FWS Coordinator will not handle any aspect of the hiring process.

An applicant’s work-study eligibility may be unofficially confirmed by contacting the FWS Coordinator or officially confirmed by requesting an EAF.

Students may not begin working until an EAF has been issued.

Post a work-study job


Last Updated: 7/3/24